Our most popular coaching option for those who truly want to take business and life to the next level! The Black Belt Coaching Team is a small group coaching program where 3-4 students get together once every month via video conference for a one hour meeting with the head coach. There are assignments every week specifically designed to take each student from where they are to where they want to go.

In addition, on some of the weeks with no coaching call, each team meets via video call without the coach in order to network and mastermind with each other about their goals, struggles, road blocks, and anything else that may come up. The power and value of the mastermind group that develops in the Black Belt Team cannot be overstated! Further, every Black Belt coaching team member has access to the head coach if ever they need some one on one coaching, no additional cost.

The Black Belt Team coaching program is designed specifically to give each member direction, a very clear plan, insight into developing better goals and visions, and a hardcore accountability coach who has already accomplished what most of the students are aiming for. Each team has their own private Facebook group for daily interactions, questions, and accountability.

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