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The Appraiser Increase Academy and Community is perfect for those who want to go to the next level in life and business!

This is a perfect program for motivated and disciplined individuals who are looking for support that:


  • Is affordable and just the right amount of accountability and community to keep you moving the needle forward in your business and focused on the money making tasks. 
  • Nobody telling you when to do it, no deadlines, and no pesky coach holding you accountable for the outcomes, yet all of the necessary support to keep your creative juices flowing
  • Has a Private Facebook  with some of the most successful and motivated appraisers to learn from and collaborate with!

Our Level 1 Coaching Academy is a video and community-based mastermind group with coaching exercises that will lead students to greater success, increased profitability, more savings, the building of a survival fund, more private appraisal business, more direct lender business, a considerably clearer life plan, more well defined goals for life and business, a much clearer understanding of your core purpose and passion, how to build a marketing plan, how to build a social media following that leads to more business, and how to become the go-to authority in your market.

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